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The Story of our Summer - Gulls

17 September 2015

Many businesses and communities in the UK have suffered from gull problems this year. The gull control problems have been highlighted in the press and received with with shock and disbelief but what is the true nature of the gull?

Understanding Bird & Wildlife

Key to any project we undertake is to understanding the surrounding environment as well as the behaviour of a bird or wildlife species. Gulls in particular have modified their behaviour to adapt to the urban environment. This is not a new behaviour as gulls are the expert scavengers and the same behaviours can be observed in the wild as they are instinctive opportunists. The question remains though, what has attracted gulls to the urban environment?

Unfortunately there is no conclusive research available as to why they began inhabiting urban areas in the 1960’s. As urban sprawl has grown so have gull problems. As urban activity and sprawl has increased so has was waste and the gulls have maximised this opportunity whether it be litter in the street or a landfill.

Dealing with gulls can be problematic due to their protected status but our experience, hard earned knowledge and results show gulls can be managed effectively.

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