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A spring in your step

10 September 2015

Redbacks Cushioning will introduce a range of products for both foot and knee health and safety, at the A+A Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, on 27-30th October 2015.

The footwear is claimed to be the world’s first midsole and insole design that is not based on the traditional materials of gel or foam. The construction incorporates award-winning leaf-spring cushioning technology which is scientifically proven to align and mirror the feet’s natural movement. This encourages comprehensive energy return and impressive comfort whilst supporting the three main areas of the feet to provide a ‘walking on air’ feel.

For a number of years the company has been producing Redbacks kneepads for pocketed work trousers, which incorporate an engineered suspension system designed to give the highest levels of protection. 


At  A+A, Redbacks Cushioning will introduce three new strapped kneepad products using the same system, two with a hard and flexible shell and one with a soft face. They contain a number of new features including an articulated-hinged strap and a design to reduce pressure at the back of the knee. 

The patented design and construction of the company’s products are currently based on a special moulded leaf-spring suspended in an arch by a flexible honeycomb matrix. When pressure is applied directly above the spring it levels, dispersing the force and spreading the weight. The matrix provides a holding mechanism for the spring to control its bend and stabilise the entire structure, allowing pressure to be distributed evenly time after time.