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Slip resistant wellies

09 September 2015

The Zevaz slip resistant safety Wellington Boot from Anvil Traction is now available.

Designed with the food industry in mind, these lightweight wellington boots combine the latest in polymer technology with the Anvil Traction slip resistant sole.

The slip resistant outsole is based on Anvil Traction’s Anchor design. The octagonal pattern has a wider cleat arrangement which avoids clogging when used in areas of high contamination and the multiple leading edges provide a wiping action to move lubricant out of the way.


The slip resistant rubber compound 07/03, mechanically improves slip resistance and exceeds the minimum average requirements in accordance with ENISO 20345:2011 by 48%. A yellow wear indicator cleat is built into the outsole that focuses on the rate of sole abrasion and provides a visible indication of when the wellington should be replaced.

The upper polymer material is an expanded foam full of air, which acts as a thermal insulator and has been tested and approved to CI standards. The air filled polymer construction offers impressive comfort for the wearer and reduces muscle fatigue and stress over the course of a working day with the EVA Energy formula offering under-foot impact absorption and providing added rebound energy between steps.