Safety programming

31 July 2015

Wieland Electric has launched samos PLAN5+, a graphics-oriented programming tool that supports its safety controller samos PRO COMPACT.

This tool is free to users of samos PRO COMPACT, making programming tasks simpler, safer and more flexible. Since programming utilises graphic design, no special knowledge of PLC programming languages is required. 

With samos PLAN5+, the user has access to a library of more than 40 certified and field tested function blocks, with no additional programming input. samos PLAN5+ does away with numerous interfaces and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.


The functionality of samos PLAN5+ can be increased by specifying and administrating sensors and function blocks in the corresponding libraries. Even complex safety tasks can be programmed with ease as all inputs, outputs and up to 300 function blocks can be used without any restriction on any individual project. 

Wieland’s samos PLAN5+ also facilitates the remote maintenance of safety controllers via the integrated online diagnostics and system log book, which means that expensive maintenance can be avoided.


The programmable safety functions can be tested on the PC in advance, saving time and costs, owing to the simulation function of the integrated logic analyzer, which also ensures improved functional safety during actual operation.