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Minimum effort, maximum safety

29 May 2024

WIELAND ELECTRIC presents the latest generation of highly efficient safety light grids and safety light curtains

The importance of occupational safety grows in modern industrial and logistical environments as machines and systems become more complicated. Against this backdrop, Wieland Electric introduces its next generation of safety light curtains and safety light grids, which complement the existing array of optoelectronic protection devices and are distinguished by a high level of safety, flexibility, and use.

The new SLG4 series safety light grids were designed for applications requiring dependable access protection over wide areas on machines or in production sites. While withstanding temperatures as high as 70°C, the light grids may be put into action swiftly thanks to their simple software configuration and plug-and-play installation. Clearly visible LEDs also enable immediate on-site diagnostics, reducing downtimes. Furthermore, the durable aluminium housing and protection rating IP65/67 in accordance with EN 60529 ensure that the optoelectronic protective devices perform reliably even in adverse environmental situations.

The SLC4 series safety light curtains are perfect for protecting fingers and hands in the machine's danger zone. When the machine is used frequently, they cut access times compared to physical guards, increasing production. Advanced functionalities like muting ensure safe material flow and contribute to cost-effective material supply and removal. Cascading two devices enables vertical access and horizontal presence monitoring in a single system. The SLC4 safety light curtains, like the SLG4 safety light grids, have a simple software-free configuration and the ability to do quick on-site diagnostics. This improves productivity and safety in industrial applications.