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New addition to eLearning courses

05 May 2015

Evacusafe’s new eLearning course is designed to teach employers and staff how to correctly and safely use a patient transport chair.

As with all its online courses, Evacusafe's fully certified Transit Chair eLearning course is externally approved by the IIRSM and RoSPA.

Transit chairs are similar to those used by Paramedics and can be used to carry persons up or down stairs making them suitable for organisations requiring evacuation from a basement up to a ground level exit.

According to Evacusafe, this new course offers customers a cost-effective option having purchased a chair and wishing to provide training to those required to use the equipment. It demonstrates the correct techniques for lifting and carrying a person safely as well as covering topics such as current UK legislation and some of the issues affecting a person with restricted mobility. A certificate is issued on successful course completion which can be printed or saved locally.

David Della-Savina, sales & marketing manager of Evacusafe, said "We understand that sometimes training can be cost prohibitive when compared to the price of the equipment. That’s why we have introduced this new online course for Transit Chair customers who realise the importance of having staff trained correctly in its use to minimise the risk of injury during an emergency evacuation.”

The course has been designed primarily for straight run staircases with or without landings. For customers with spiral stairs or tight, awkward angles, onsite training is a better option as it allows the operators to practice and build confidence in using their own equipment on their particular stairs.

For more information about Evacusafe’s Transit Chairs and the full range of training courses available, visit www.evacusafe.net.