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Jury’s decision lays in visitors’ hands at Health & Safety Scotland mock trial

14 April 2015

The jury’s decision at a mock trial will be in the hands of visitors attending the Health & Safety Scotland event at the SECC in Glasgow on 22 and 23 April.

As part of the event’s free educational programme, authored by the British Safety Council, 'A Mock Trial: A Construction Industry Accident - Who’s Fault? YOU Decide' will take place on 23 April. The trial will be split into two sessions; part one - The Evidence, and part two - The Verdict.

The mock trial is a huge benefit for visitors as it will demonstrate how a health and safety prosecution unfolds following a ‘fall from height’ incident within the construction industry. Here, the audience, who will be sworn in as members of the jury before they enter the session, will get to watch an HSE inspector, the injured party and the managing director of the company being questioned and cross-examined before deciding the outcome.

Commenting on the exciting event, Katherine Brydon (pictured) of Pinsent Masons LLP, the international law firm which has offices in Glasgow, said: "We’ve run these sessions before at other safety groups and they have proved to be a real hit, therefore we thought it would be a great idea to bring the mock trial to a Scottish audience. Fortunately the vast majority of people will never be involved in a health and safety prosecution but the mock trial will be a real eye opener and give the individuals attending an insight into how it unfolds, what a trial looks and the consequences they could face if they don’t abide by the law.”

The mock trial will be presented in two halves. Firstly, on the morning of 23 April the jury will hear the evidence while in the afternoon they will be invited back to help deliver a verdict. Pinsent Masons’ Craig Connal QC, a hugely experienced Solicitor Advocate, will be leading the prosecution and also take the role of the judge. Craig will be assisted by Katherine Brydon, acting as the prosecutor, and Stacy Keen, acting as the defence lawyer.

"The sessions will be good fun for everyone involved but will also contain a strong message. We hope that people will be engaged and that what they will learn will be of use to them in their professional roles” added Katherine Brydon.

Speaking about the mock trial, Neal Stone, acting chief executive for the British Safety Council, said: "With health and safety law constantly evolving, this trial will be a welcome opportunity to see first-hand how important it is to be aware of the regulations and the impact they can have on your business.”

Event director for Health & Safety Scotland, Tim Else, added: "We are particularly pleased to be able to host such a compelling activity which will offer huge benefits to those that attend in terms of their understanding and appreciation of a safety prosecution. The legal knowledge, experience and insight that the team from Pinsent Masons has will ensure that visitors will benefit from such a rare opportunity.”

The full seminar programme for event can be viewed online at www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk.

To register online visit www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk.