Operator confidence

29 August 2014

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks' new 80V electric model EDiA EX is smaller than others in its 2.5-3.5 tonne capacity range, but it displays the strength and stability to bear large loads smoothly up to heights of 7 metres.

Meanwhile, a steering configuration – with rear steering wheels turning to an angle of more than 100 degrees, and individual drive motors counter-rotating the front wheels – give the truck agile steering, and the ability to pivot within its own length. As a result, warehouse managers could soon use EDiA EX to make more efficient use of space, taking larger loads further and higher in narrower racking.

IPX4 water protection also makes this an electric truck than can safely deliver in the wet. EDiA EX's zero-maintenance sealed brakes protect against dust and water damage, while also eliminating brake dust contamination of the truck's surroundings. 

Poised and stable, the whole truck is designed to make the operator confident, encouraging maximum productivity. The Sensitive Drive System adapts the truck's response to the operator's movements. Curve control optimises the speed early, to match the angle of each turn, while touch-sensitivity take the optional fingertip controls to a new level.

EDiA EX offers a flexible choice of practical drive modes, allowing managers to emphasise economy and safety for inexperienced users or long shifts. The cabin is open and uncluttered, eliminating distractions, and every aspect maximises the operator's view of the load, forks and reversing angles.