SCBA range

01 July 2014

Scott Safety, a global leader in the development and manufacture of high specification respiratory protection for workers in high risk industries, has launched a range of breathing apparatus that is designed to provide ultimate comfort, reliability and performance for industrial workers around the world.

Part of the new ProPak SCBA range, the ProPak-i incorporates the proven technology found in Scott Safety’s trusted SCBA products and is designed to meet the needs of a full range of industrial applications.


From the professional industrial firefighter, to those users requiring SCBA to perform tasks in hazardous environments such as cleaning and confined space working, the ProPak-i offers the wearer comfort and ease of movement but incorporates a rigid backplate for durability and performance. The Scott Safety ProPak-i can be specified in a number of configurations including Split Demand Valve Coupling (SDC), Y-Piece (Y2C) and attachments for Airline, which can also be used for Rescue Second Man and decontamination purposes.

The entire ProPak range has been approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, incorporating the stringent Full Flame Engulfment Test, and will have MED approval – the latest approval for the marine industry. 

Tony Pickett, global product manager – Air Supplied, said: "Although this new range features all the latest technology, it has been future proofed to incorporate developments in electronic and telemetry applications."