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Speed controllers

02 May 2014

Harmill Systems undertake specialised engineering projects resulting in award winning maintenance equipment for the railway industry that helps people work safely and efficiently.

For several years it has collaborated with Curtis Instruments (UK) to produce a number of different machines, the latest being a battery powered multidirectional tug designed for moving carriages, bogies and other rail equipment around busy maintenance depots. This 80 volt four-wheel drive 4-wheel steer tug utilises canbus technology and is operated by remote control ensuring safety and complete control for the user. 



Harmill prefer Curtis’ E-Series Motor Controllers as they offer a superior combination of power, performance, functionality and, being fully compliant to EN ISO 13849-1, are CE marked as safety components.


Simon Hughes of Harmill regards Curtis "as a specialist company with a good reputation”.  On occasions when technical assistance has been required Mr Hughes states Curtis have been found to be "very helpful with their in depth knowledge and we enjoy the connection that has developed”.

By working in conjunction with Curtis Customer Support Engineers, essential equipment components are shown to meet current and projected safety requirements, are CE marked and provided with all necessary compliance documentation, meaning Harmill designers have one less concern and can proceed with their designs in confidence.