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Long-life first aid kit

28 January 2014

DecaMed is a comprehensive first aid kit with sterile contents that have a guaranteed lifespan of ten years plus. This includes bandages, dressings, wound covers, compresses, ice packs, disposable waste bags, hygiene towels and more.

The impressive longevity is achieved by an aluminium-vaporised, non-sticking wound covering and sterile packaging. Only regularly used consumables, such as plasters, will need topping up.


Businesses can be confident that they have everything that is legally required to cover accidents in the workplace – and no worries for ten years. The materials in most other first aid kits have a lifespan of less than two years, which means that they need to be regularly inspected and replaced to conform to health and safety guidelines.


Failure to maintain the contents of a first aid kit can lead to prosecution should a user of the materials be infected or otherwise afflicted. This leads to the regular disposal of items creating continuous costs as the kits have to be refreshed and out of date items replenished.

"Knowing that the items in the DecaMed first aid kit have such a long life saves time, money and wastage,” says Harry Dewick-Eisele, managing director of Safelincs, which supplies the product. "We put this kit together so that companies and organisations would have a comprehensive first aid kit without having to constantly be concerned about monitoring dates and wasting money.”

Provided in a tough, durable 'army green' case, the German made DecaMed first aid kits are built to last and easily identified in the event of an emergency. All are CE marked and tested and come with a contents check sheet and a first aid manual.