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HSE appoints new head of waste and recycling

06 January 2014

A new head of waste and recycling has been appointed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Rick Brunt, current head of field operations for the North West of Scotland and Northern England Division, replaces Graeme Walker who retires from HSE after 37 years service.

The head of waste and recycling will work closely with industry and will lead a Unit of inspectors, policy officials and support staff.

Although the number of injuries to workers has fallen over the last five years, waste and recycling remains one of Britain’s higher risk industries with 10 people killed in 2012/13, double the lives lost in the previous year.

HSE head of waste and recycling Rick Brunt said: "As head of operations I have seen the consequences of poorly managed risks in the waste and recycling industry, and while progress has been made in addressing these problems, the industry has plenty of scope to reduce the toll of injuries and deaths. "I am looking forward to working with the industry, and supporting them in tackling the issues that sit behind the injury statistics”

Graeme Walker said: "During my five years as head of waste and recycling, a great deal of progress has been made by industry in tackling the problems inherent in waste and recycling. "I’m pleased to be handing over to Rick, he will have the full support of the dedicated and hard working sector team, and I am confident he will continue to provide vital support to industry to encourage them to bring about further improvements to their safety record.”