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Goliath Footwear/YDS to launch new products at A+A  2013

28 October 2013

Goliath Footwear and technical brand YDS, specialise in safety footwear suitable for hazardous working environments including heavy industrial to fire fighting. They produce 10,000 pairs of footwear each day with injected soling technology and many with Dual Density Rubber (DDR) technology that offers superior reliability for the most adverse conditions and terrain. They work with leading world technology brands such as GORE-TEX and D3O to make high quality protective footwear.

Goliath and YDS will be exhibiting at this year’s A+A exhibition and launching a DDR sole unit with integrated bump cap offering greater protection and better reliability than ever before. The sole is injected to the uppers, unlike most soles, to create up to 55% better bond strength (than the standard) between the uppers and the sole unit, and has 32% better abrasion resistance. This technology has clear durability and reliability advantages for those harsh working conditions.

Within the new product designs is a revolutionary new quick release foundry boot for aluminium foundries. Safety features include lightweight aluminium toe cap and nail-proof textile midsole for 100% coverage and protection from penetration beneath from items such as sharp metal fragments.  In the most difficult working environments, the new design aims to improve worker comfort and to reduce injuries and foot problems.

A new range of metatarsal protective boots with DDR injected soles will also be launched that integrate a high technology material D3O. Within both an ankle and high leg boot D3O material is inserted beneath the leather and can naturally flex with the foot in normal working conditions.  When encountering an impact situation i.e. if a heavy object falls onto the metatarsal area of the foot the material reacts to protect the bones beneath. The D3O material in its raw state flows freely when moved slowly, but on shock, locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state.  This type of boot could be used across many new sectors in order to reduce injuries in the workplace.  

For the utilities sector a new innovative linesman boot design will be on show that has been developed together with utilities personnel. The boot has been designed to reinforce the sole instep to ensure rigidity and stability whilst climbing utility poles, and has enhanced areas on the uppers to counter the effects of abrasion.  The boot features the new DDR sole unit with high side wall for greater protection and an aluminium toe cap to keep the boot as lightweight as possible. A GORE-TEX membrane was selected in the design to ensure the wearer of the boot remains warm and dry in any extreme weather situations.

The full range of YDS technical footwear including Firefighting footwear featuring CROSSTECH technology and Goliath special hazard footwear will be shown at the A+A event 2013.