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Evacuation Chair Rentals

07 October 2013

Evacusafe UK provide evacuation chairs for rental on a short-term and long-term basis for your specific requirement. So whether you need an evacuation chair for one day, one week or one year; we can help.

Evacuation chairs will be delivered at a convenient time for you and we can arrange for a chair to be delivered to you with only 48 hours notice if you’re in a hurry.

All evacuation chairs supplied by Evacusafe are supplied with a protective cover and user manual - ready for immediate use.

Evacuation Chair Rental Applications

The Evacusafe evacuation chairs are used regularly by:

·Conference organisers

·Exhibition safety managers

·Shows and corporate functions

·One-off leisure or business events.

Many companies find our short-term evacuation chair rental option suits their Health and Safety obligations.

Indoors the chair can also double up as an emergency wheelchair in certain situations, alleviating the need for two separate chairs.

Not sure what your safety chair needs are?

Contact our team now and we will be happy to discuss evacuation chair rental options with you. If you need to see the chair in action please watch the demonstration video.