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Important changes to high-visibility clothing standard

29 July 2013

With changes to one of the standards governing high visibility garments due to come into force from 30th September, SATRA is urging manufacturers to check their EC type-examination certificates.

On 30th September 2013, the presumption of conformity to the PPE Directive will transfer from EN 471:2003+A1:2007 to the new high visibility garments’ standard, EN ISO 20471:2013. This means that high-visibility clothing covered by EC type-examination certificates to the superseded EN 471:2003+A1:2007 may be subject to more scrutiny in the market.

In anticipation of this, SATRA is now accepting applications for EC type examination to EN ISO 20471:2013. Manufacturers will either need to provide evidence that any new garments meet the requirements set out in the new standard or have their products tested to the new specifications.

The standard has been revised to include colour measurement of background material and combined performance material after repeat washing/drying cycles and thermal resistance testing on garment assemblies that have thermal resistance values in excess of 5m2.Pa/W. Once products have been shown to meet the relevant requirements, existing certification can be upgraded.

Pete Doughty heads up SATRA’s Safety Products Centre and explains: "High-visibility clothing manufacturers need to consider the requirements set out in the new ISO 20471:2013 standard to ensure their products remain compliant. As a European Notified Body, SATRA can ensure your high-visibility clothing and components are fully tested and certified to the new version of the standard.”

Notified Bodies such as SATRA carry out a crucial role in assessing PPE products. They ensure safety and consistency of application through harmonised European standards and the PPE Directive requirements. In turn, the CE mark provides consumers with a measure of confidence that the supplier’s products have been assessed against the latest standards by a recognised independent third party.

For further information on high-visibility clothing and components testing and certification to the new ISO 20471:2013 standard, email: PPE@satra.co.uk or tel: +44 (0)1536 410000.