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TSI delivers best pratices

23 January 2013

TSI Incorporated is playing a key role in supporting healthcare organizations worldwide in light of the emergence of a new drug-resistant superbug...

A new type of drug-resistant superbug called NDM-1(New Delhi metallo-ß-lactamase-1) is emerging in UK hospitals. NDM-1 is already widespread in the Indian subcontinent and has also reached countries including the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Scientists believe it has the potential to become a global public health issue. Experts say the way to stop it is through surveillance, rapid identification and isolation of any hospital patients who are infected.

As a recognized leader in quantitative and qualitative respirator fit testing and isolation room pressure controls, TSI Incorporated is playing a key role in supporting healthcare organizations worldwide.

Respiratory protection for hospital staff is one of the most critical issues. FFP1 respirators have emerged as the preferred and required method of respiratory protection for most hospital staff. When respirators are required respirator training and fit testing is as part of a respiratory protection program.

There are several methods of respirator fit-testing: quantitative and qualitative. The most accurate method is quantitative fit-testing. TSI offers instruments for both methods, the QFit is a qualitative Fit Test Instrument. The TSI PortaCount Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester is the only quantitative fit tester, capable of fit testing all respirators, including FFP1. It performs fit test measurements under conditions approximating actual use and is compliant with HSE 282/28.

Of equal importance is hospital isolation room pressure. TSI's PresSura Isolation Room Monitors are the industry standard for monitoring isolation rooms in hospitals and other health care facilities.

TSI provides multiple solutions. For more information, visit www.tsi.com.