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Taking control of hazardous liquids

23 January 2013

Companies who fail to demonstrate a duty of care when it comes to environmental management can be fined thousands of pounds. Don't be one of them...

Companies are fined thousands of pounds every year because they fail to demonstrate a duty of care when it comes to environmental management of their premises. Don't run the risk of polluting the environment or causing harm to human health.

Safety Unlimited combines its 34 years' experience and expertise in the handling and containment of hazardous materials, flammable liquids and chemicals, to offer a wide range of products including bulk storage units. These containers are manufactured to the highest standard to store 205 litre drums and IBCs. They are fully bunded with high and low flame arrested ventilation. All units have a fully galvanised roof and rain gutter to prevent corrosion and they are internally and externally finished in a chemical resistant two pack Acrylic paint system.

Although sites can be managed to prevent spillage incidents, accidents can still occur. It's important to implement spill procedures and minimise risks. Safety Unlimited's comprehensive spill management programme includes the provision of certified spill response and prevention training, spill response kits and environmental risk assessment - all the requirements to ensure hazardous liquid spills are prevented and dealt with accordingly if they occur.