Putting the Heavy into Industrial

08 July 2020

Heavy industrial manufacturing plants face the toughest of challenges when it comes to cleaning.

A Foundry client in the UK recently invested in a Nilfisk CR1500 ride on combination machine, providing heavy duty scrubbing and vacuum sweeping functions. Here is what they had to say:

The toughest of cleaning

"​Although we are used to the environment there is no doubt that keeping a foundry facility clean and hazard free is the most difficult of tasks. The slag, slime and dust produced by the manufacturing process can only be effectively removed by the heaviest of industrial equipment.

In recent times we have hired a number of manufacturers units to varying degrees of success. Costs however were high and it became clear that purchasing an industrial combination machine would be beneficial, the pressure was on to get the purchasing decision right.

Nilfisk successfully demonstrated their diesel powered CR1500 Vacuum Sweeper and Scrubber that has an all steel construction, wrap around bumpers and huge tanks and hoppers. The scrub brush pressure on the floor is adjustable but with a maximum of 272 kg it makes a big difference to the cleaning result often cutting through the slime in one pass. Productivity is always an issue so working speed and the size of the solution and recovery tanks were also critical. With a working speed of 11 km/hr however and 380 litre tanks we were assured of much improved productivity.

The hopper size of 454 litres provides increased operational time and the dump height of 152 cm means we can empty into any containers. We are very happy with the performance of the CR1500, it is a big improvement over the previous hire machines and copes extremely well in what really is the toughest of environments.

Easy no-tool access

The unit is very easy to maintain in that no tools are required to access the brushes or the dust filters. The dust filter is quickly and easily removed for inspection and this definitely reduces maintenance and down time."

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