The right fit test for you

14 June 2023

THE NEED for an accurate fit test is now better understood than ever before, but with so many options and methods, how can you be sure that the fit test method is the right one for you?

The first answer is to seek advice from someone that knows what they are talking about. the Fit2fit logo should provide some assurance of this but check what methods they are familiar with and talk with them in detail about the process they follow. What constitutes a pass or a fail - a subjective assessment or quantifiable data? Is the mask challenged in a real world way, or statically? 

Fire Safe International says, "The AccuFIT 9000 is a new quantitative (APC) fit test device which can be used to test ALL types of respirator face masks in a dynamic way, which is simple to use. It delivers results fast and can be configured to collect and present data in a way which suits you. The AccuFIT 9000 is effective and fast. 

"AccuFIT 9000 can be operated using the built in touch screen or connected to a PC, laptop or tablet wired or wirelessly. Full training and support is available from a UK based distributor with over 20 years fit testing experience so you can be assured that the fit test results collected are accurate and with options to purchase, lease or short term hire, access to fast accurate and reliable fit test data has never been easier."