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Protect your workers

08 March 2021

NEVER BEFORE has the need for good quality respiratory protection been more acutely understood, but how can you be sure that the respirators you have invested in are capable of protecting your workers?

Not only do the respirators themselves need to be capable of removing the hazard (adequate) but they must also match the wearer (suitable). The need for respirator face fit testing is clear and now the opportunity to do this quickly, accurately and confidently is more readily available than ever before.

The AccuFIT 9000 is a brand new quantitative fit test device which can be used to test ALL makes models and types of tight fitting respirator face masks to ensure a good fit. Simple to use and configurable to collect and present fit test data in a way which suits you, the AccuFIT 9000 has proven itself to be extremely effective.

AccuFIT 9000 can be operated in stand alone mode using the in built full colour touch screen display or connected to a PC, Laptop or Tablet wired or wirelessly and with full training and support available from a UK based distributor with over 20 years fit testing experience you can be assured that the fit test results collected are accurate. With options to purchase, lease or short term hire, access to fast accurate and reliable fit test data has never been easier.

For spares, training and product enquiries, visit www.accuTec-IHS.com or www.firesafeinternational.co.uk. Or call, 01743 761000