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Stay safe when driving for work

02 September 2019

LAST YEAR there were 680 collisions on West Sussex’s roads involving people driving for work purposes.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is calling on those who drive for work, their managers and business owners to help reduce risk on the road.

The fire and rescue service is advising drivers that:

  • Regular servicing of vehicles and checks before setting off could prevent a mechanical problem or break down occurring whilst driving. Consider creating a vehicle checklist for staff to complete before each journey.
  • Avoid distractions whilst driving. Be set up before you set off, have your seat in the right position, clear visibility, satnav programmed and radio tuned. 
  • Eating while driving diverts concentration it’s safer to pull over and have lunch or eat before your journey or at the end.
  • Some workplace policies don’t support hands free while driving, consider this approach. Never use your phone while driving.
  • Accidents while reversing are very common; when possible ask someone to see you back.  

Nicki Peddle, the fire service’s head of prevention, said, “Of the 680 road traffic collisions in West Sussex last year which involved people driving for work, devastatingly nine people died and 137 people were left with serious, life changing, injuries. Each year our firefighters attend more collisions on the road than fires so providing road safety advice is extremely important to West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

“Multitasking is invaluable when you’re under pressure at work but WSFRS knows all too well that multitasking when driving can have devastating results. We are urging business drivers and their employers to be prepared and focus on driving safely”.