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Stay open, stay COVID secure

28 April 2021

TAKE ACTION so your business can stay open and ensure you are COVID secure. Analox Group, world leaders in gas analysis and sensing explains how they can help.

The world is at a critical pivot point as we all start our journey to recover and rebuild from the impact of the pandemic. We all want to avoid further lockdowns and restrictions so we can continue to live a fuller life and protect the livelihood of our teams, our business' and the economy.

So what steps can I take? 

The science of virus transmission has taught us all the importance of effective ventilation and that the best indicator of this is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

We all continuously respire CO2 and if a person is infected with a virus such as COVID-19, this can spread through the air in tiny particles called aerosols. These can then be inhaled by others causing significant risk to life. 

A well ventilated room will have around 400-800ppm (parts per million) of CO2. If your levels reach 1000ppm, it's time to ventilate. 

Analox Group has developed an air quality monitor, the Air Quality Guardian, to guide you in your quest for the optimum level of ventilation. 

The Air Quality Guardian is a user friendly device, which uses a simple traffic light system to advise you when to bring fresh air into the area so you can take the necessary steps to stay safe. 

The unit will also capture this data for 7 days so you have traceability of the air quality. In addition, it also measures the temperature and relative humidity (RH). Temperature and humidity are critical factors, research from the SAGE Group shows that a virus survives better in colder and drier conditions, so having the windows open permanently can actually have a negative impact.

Humidity can also impact the human physiological response, we are more susceptible to transmission in a drier environment. By maintaining your levels at around 40-60% RH you can further reduce the risks. 

By monitoring and managing the air quality you are protecting lives and providing an environment conducive to productivity and health and well being. 

By using the Air Quality Guardian, you are also ensuring you are not over ventilating which can be costly and damaging to the environment.

What else can we do? 

The less time you spend in a room together the better, so reduce your class or meeting times to around 30 minutes, this can significantly reduce the risk of exposure. This is even more important in rooms where the activity involves deeper breathing such as a music class or a gym session. 

Reduce the number of people in the room and as you know make sure there is enough room for adequate social distancing. 

Wear masks where possible and ensure a high level of cleanliness. 

How do I become COVID Secure? 

For companies in the UK, just follow these steps from the HSE:

  1. Carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment 
  2. Ensure social distancing 
  3. Maintain a high level of cleanliness & handwashing 
  4. Good ventilation 
  5. Employee training & provision of PPE 
  6. Work from home if you can 
  7. Protect your vulnerable workers 
  8. Stay up to date with regulations in your area 

How can I reassure my team?

The pandemic has been difficult for us all and some have been affected more than others. Your team members may feel nervous and reluctant to return to work but you can reassure them and give them peace of mind by following the guidelines and utilising the available technology and PPE. 

Take extra time to check in with each member to see how they are doing. At Analox, we have initiated HR drop in sessions and have appointed mental health ambassadors to offer further support to our team. 

What other support can Analox offer? 

Analox can offer you safety advice on gas risks and air quality, product information and suggestions, bespoke training packages and we also offer an emergency 24/7/365 helpline. 

For more information, visit analoxgroup.com/contact-us