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ROCKWOOL launches non-combustible upstand board

28 June 2021

ROCKWOOL HAS launched HARDROCK UB34, an insulation solution specially designed for parapet walls and upstands on flat roofs which is non-combustible in case of fire.

The company says UB34 provides a robust, thermally efficient upstand insulation board that is also non-combustible in case of fire. Combining a dense 50mm slab of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation bonded to a rigid 6mm fibre cement board, the system is impact and weather resistant. 

Thanks to its stone wool core, HARDROCK UB34 has been fully tested and classified as Euroclass A2-s1, d0. This means the product is suitable for use on buildings over 18 metres that are affected by the ban on combustible materials. 

“UB34 helps specifiers and contractors mitigate fire risk by providing a durable, non-combustible insulation solution compliant with the latest guidance for buildings over 18m,” said Will Wigfield, product manager – Building Envelope at ROCKWOOL UK. “A purpose designed solution, it’s easy to install – and its stone wool core provides an excellent thermal performance.” 

HARDROCK UB34 is manufactured from cement board and a ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation slab that has a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK to reduce thermal bridging. The board is compatible with a range of flat roof systems, including single-ply and inverted.

HARDROCK UB34 is the latest addition to ROCKWOOL’s HARDROCK range of flat roof insulation solutions. For more information, visit the ROCKWOOL website: www.rockwool.com/uk/flat-roof-hub