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Preventive maintenance is key

04 September 2023

TORK, FROM leading hygiene and health company, Essity, says preventive maintenance is critical to ensuring machinery is in good working order, avoiding injuries, accidents, and costly damage to equipment.

Where equipment failure can lead to significant downtime or loss of income, carrying out such preventive tasks like cleaning machinery and facilities is a common practice. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach to preventive maintenance. The efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance requires consideration of your facility’s set-up and your employees’ needs, using the right products to ensure cleaning duties are successfully completed quickly.

In industrial environments like manufacturing, 9 out of 10 employees believe quality tools like wiping and cleaning products boost productivity and even happiness at work. Yet, for organisations that use any form of wipes, inconvenient storage and placement somewhere other than at the point of use can disrupt operational efficiency with wasted motion, inventory and over-consumption. It is therefore essential that dispensers are installed in the right place, where they are easily accessible for use.

Establishing clear operational zones that are explicitly distinguished by markings can assist in evaluating the best place for dispenser installation. Ensuring cleaning supplies are readily available in places where they are most needed can help to reduce wastage, as employees will be less likely to overcompensate and take more than they need in order to avoid repeated trips to the dispenser. Additionally, by demarcating zones for specific functions and tasks, employees not only have easy access to cleaning and hygiene products but can also reduce the risk of cross-contamination across areas caused by material sharing.

Where permanent zoning is not possible or otherwise impractical, mobile dispensers such as the Tork Floor Stand provide an easy solution to ensuring cleaning supplies remain easily accessible. These ergonomic Floor Stands save time and effort with their high capacity and ease of movement – meaning it can be moved and parked easily, exactly where its needed. Reliably reinforced glass-fibre teeth help to further reduce consumption and waste by assisting workers in taking only what they need at the time. Paired with Tork’s Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, which works with most solvents and removes oil, grease, and dirt whilst protecting hands from heat and metal scraps, easily accessible Floor Stands keep downtime to a minimum and can prevent employees from getting injured. 

The use of data and analytics can unlock insights into your operational processes that will help determine the best use of cleaning resources. Tork Vision Cleaning harnesses the power of real-time data to identify when and where there are service needs in your facility, reducing the need for in-person dispenser checks by 91% and saving time on cleaning. This helps you meet expectations by maximising efficiency so that your employees can focus on critical tasks that affect the quality of your output, and enables an effective, data-driven management of inventory.

Optimising your preventive maintenance is an extensive process, but one that is well worth it. Tork Workflow makes the process easier, helping to tackle any unseen and undiscovered efficiency issues in your facilities by deploying Tork field experts to audit a facility’s maintenance and workstation efficiency. The complimentary 60-minute either virtual or in-person service provides an in-depth look at your facility’s operations and offers recommendations based on 5S principles (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) to help reach your targets, boost workplace efficiency and cut costs. The Workflow report also includes a free trial recommendation of the Tork products best suited to meet your specific needs.

Products that support workers movements and routines through efficient placement and design can optimise existing processes without compromising on hygiene. Tork’s data-driven tools and expertise help businesses create tailored solutions that work for them, ultimately improving productivity whilst keeping employees safe.

For more information, visit www.tork.co.uk