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Powered air protection

02 November 2020

PRODUCED BY experts at Full Support Healthcare Ltd, the Easiair Powered Air Purifying Respirator is a lightweight, easy-to-use, respiratory protective system specifically designed to protect against viruses and particulate hazards, offering P3 equivalent protection.

Its loose-fitting hood/powered air design relies on a constant supply of positive pressure – meaning no tight-fitting seal and no fit testing. Its loose-fitting seal around the neck is suitable even for those who would be unable to wear tight-fitting RPE, such as people with beards.

Ultimate comfort

The constant supply of filtered air to the user makes breathing a breeze. Coupled with an 11-hour battery life and no tight straps across the face or around the ears, the Easiair is able to be worn comfortably for a whole shift.

Unlike tight-fitting masks, which can make users uncomfortable, sore and hot with extended use, the Easiair’s constant flow of air and head-supported harness actually helps to cool you down – ideal for when you’re having to wear extra layers of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Total protection

With its inbuilt, impact and splash resistant visor, the hood piece provides additional eye and face protection – essential for protection against COVID-19.

Complete flexibility

Fully compatible with single-use and reusable hoods, you can build your Easiair kit to meet your specific needs. Disposable hose covers, spare batteries and additional filters are also available on our website or by request.