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MSA launches Safety io

04 November 2019

MSA Safety, global designer, manufacturer and distributor of industry-leading safety products, has, for over 100 years, been committed to continuous improvement and greater safety achieved through smart innovation.

And true to form, MSA has set its sights on transforming the United Kingdom’s gas detection industry with the launch of its Safety io technology. Safety io, a software services company founded and owned by MSA Safety, utilises wireless technology and cloud-based computing to enable a broad range of "connected" safety activities and equipment. 

Utilising MSA gas detection products as enablers, Safety io delivers the ability to remotely monitor gas level readings in the workplace, track the safety of associates, monitor instrument maintenance status and, in the event of an emergency, notify workers of the need to evacuate with the push of a button. All with the aim of helping those responsible for safety reach and exceed safety goals and eliminate unnecessary interruptions. 

Gustavo Lopez, General Manager for Safety io at MSA Safety, explains: “Safety io challenges safety-minded organisations to expect more from their gas detection systems and programmes. Ultimately, the needs of those that use our Safety io technology are always the most important consideration. And while developing next-generation safety technology is of course hugely dependent on innovation, truly listening to and understanding customer needs and feedback to engineer the necessary hardware and software functionality is of equal importance. It’s listening carefully to customers’ feedback and applying those learnings in an innovative way that produces next generation safety technology.”

Gustavo continues: “We appreciate the safety managers can sometimes struggle to fully focus on and make meaningful progress toward their company’s strategic safety goals. Often, their attention is re-directed to low-level tasks due to the interrupt-driven, data-starved reactive environment in which they operate. Our Grid software services help safety managers to remove those distractions and simplify every aspect of their gas detection programmes, thus freeing up time to reinforce best practices and purse a safety-first, injury-free workforce. 

“Our ultimate aim is to transform safety managers’ detection programmes from a headache into an empowering safety platform. And by combining best-in-class MSA detectors with our web-based Safety io Grid services, we’re doing just that.”

For more information, please visit www.safetyio.com