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Less than six months to comply

21 November 2018

ALL PPE placed on the market from 21st April 2019 should comply with the PPE Regulation.

Any PPE already on the market, i.e. in the distribution chain, can continue to be sold indefinitely as it was compliant at the time it was supplied by the certificate holder (manufacturer/importer), but product supplied by the manufacturer from 21st April next year needs to comply with the Regulation. Manufacturers can base their compliance on an EC Type Directive certificate until it expires or until 20th April 2023, whichever comes sooner, but in every other respect the product needs to comply.

So be aware, if you have manufacturer obligations you cannot just carry on as now supplying your products under Directive certificates. You need to update your products to comply with the PPE Regulation. You can use a valid Directive certificate to base the new requirements on, but that is the only use now for a valid EC Type certificate, and you should put in motion as soon as practicable the process for re-certifying to the Regulation with a new EU Type certificate.