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Industrial hand cleansers that care

04 March 2019

Industrial workers are faced with many challenging environments, often exposed to dirt and contamination on a daily basis. These conditions have led to frequent hand washing, with many workers using soaps that are too mild or too harsh for their skin. 

After undergoing significant testing and focus groups with workers, SC Johnson Professional™ has created a new range of high-performance foam hand cleaners that deliver exactly what is required – a powerful clean whilst caring for the skin.

An innovation in foam soap technology, POWER FOAMS offer a skin care solution for all industrial environments, from warehousing and logistics to heavy manufacturing. 

With twice the cleaning performance as traditional washroom soaps and hand cleaners1, Estesol® FX™ and Solopol® GFX™ have been created to offer the optimum skin care for workers.

Estesol® FX™

  • Specifically formulated to offer a unique foam hand cleaner for those lighter industrial environments where a solution has not previously been provided.

  • Efficiently removes general dirt, oil, grease and grime, delivering a powerful clean without compromise.

Solopol® GFX™ 

  • Designed for heavy duty cleaning and suitable for roles where workers’ hands are exposed to oils, grease, carbon black and lubricants.

  • The Solopol GFX Foam Technology means that one dose of Solopol® GFX™ transforms 2.8ml of liquid cleanser into four times its volume of unique power foam. 

Clinically proven to care for the skin, POWER FOAMS leave hands feeling clean, conditioned and cared for, no matter how stubborn the dirt or challenging the environment.

1Based on laboratory testing and end user trials, Deb Group 2018.