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Industrial cleaning: Rising to the challenge

17 September 2019

Just as manufacturing operations have to deliver ‘just in time’, so must today's FM partners.

Steve Wengrow, business development director of TCFM, reflects on how service providers need to listen first, adapt at pace and understand the plant inside out.

Manufacturing plants and warehouses are noisy places, which is why – when choosing an FM service provider – it’s vital that you find one who can listen well.

This is not an office environment. It’s critical that the plant operation is understood and worked around. There is precious little in the spectrum of FM services that can be delivered in a generic fashion here.

Manufacturing plants and warehouses are dynamic, which is why you need a provider who can listen well and respond fast.

FM partners must adapt quickly to meet the constantly changing needs of lean production processes where the relentless quest for efficiency sees things changing radically and rapidly. 

Often fundamental shifts in the manufacturing process or operational procedure will require regular recalibration of FM service provision.

Finding a solution

By listening and adapting to the changing needs of customers, TC Facilities Management has been able to develop and implement an FM service that delivers time and again. It centres on a well-rounded and innovative solution, using tried and tested knowledge and skills as well as working with each customer to gain an understanding of their culture, processes and production optimisation.

Whilst this approach can be adopted in other environments, an appreciation of the nuances highlighted above is paramount as this helps to provide ongoing safety training along with the use of the most current technology and equipment as well as its talent management process.

A dedicated management team of experts from TCFM is at the heart of the approach, ensuring that all services are delivered to mutually agreed goals in accordance with the operational requirements of each customer.  


The bringing together of proven facility services processes, the latest technology and suitable people on the ground, creates an effective work environment. All this also enables better quality and continued productivity gains and with it help the customers that the manufacturing plant or warehouse serve, achieve their aims and objectives.

Fundamentally, TCFM belives it results in an almost immediate raising of standards on cleaning and other services, such as security, at greater cost efficiencies.

TCFM is ready to respond to the changes and challenges that manufacturing and distribution centres regularly throw up. Through flexible ingenuity, smart use of tech and a seasoned approach to talent management the company aims to complement and support manufacturing plants and warehouses.