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In the spotlight with Alan Farnod

28 May 2019

This month we put Alan Farnod in the spotlight to find out how he developed an interest in health and safety and started Paragon Training to provide the market with training material.

How did you get into the health and safety industry? 

Since graduation in business management science, I spent many years in a career of general management and sales and marketing in the corporate world.

It was really accidental that my attention was drawn to the industry.

I was shocked by how many thousands of accidents and injuries occur annually! Realising that there are not enough effective and suitable training materials, for occupational safety. I became very interested to develop a career in the in the industry to simply be involved in helping people in respect of their health and safety.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I derive great satisfaction in making Paragon Training the source company for all companies an organisations for the ultimate provision of health, safety and environment training.

I often wonder as to how many accidents and injuries have been prevented due to provision training products and services by Paragon Training!!

It is challenging, rewarding and very enjoyable when you know you have produced materials which are highly praised by the market.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the health and safety industry in the UK? 

Obviously, the result of the Brexit may have some effects on the industry but whether in or out of the European Union; we wish to be a modern world leading country in health, safety and environment management.

However, probably the biggest challenges for the UK and worldwide are environmental and technological changes. Not only are many changes occurring, but also the rate of change is rapidly increasing!!

Hence, we need to be fully aware and involved, by planning and changing the industry to lead the world as we have many institutions such as IOSH and RoSPA who are very welly respected globally! We must issue regulations and guidance accordingly.

What sets Paragon Training apart from its competitors?

Paragon Training’s unique goal/objective is to be The Source Centre and The One-Stop-Shop for all health, safety and environment training products and services!

We produce professional training videos/DVDs which are unique and are not offered by our competitors. In fact we distribute/market most of our competitors DVD’s as well many international, specialist titles from English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia.

What are your most memorable successes at Paragon Training?

We started with the production of a safety training video ‘Five Steps to Risk Assessment’. We sold hundreds of copies in the first few months. 

That was the first and most memorable success! We have had many more successes producing and supplying many major blue chip companies and all trainers find us the source to locate materials for their training. 

What’s next in the product pipeline for Paragon Training? 

We are continuously planning and developing new products and services for training purposes. Our development programme always includes partnerships and involvements with top experts, accrediting bodies and organisations.

We are currently developing products and services utilising the latest technologies, be it Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Simulations, to ensure to be at the leading edge of technology.

What’s your vision for the future of Paragon Training? 

We aim to continue being a company which advises and helps all companies and organisations in the UK to achieve the highest, most effective training in the industry.

We are here to offer solutions to all in relation to their health, safety and environment training management.

Our aim is that we will always be the platform to help!

What do you think medium-term future holds for the safety industry globally?

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed great changes, particularly in communication technologies with the advent of the World Wide Web

Rapidly changing world where activities, industries, practices are all developing, the safety industry needs to change accordingly. Inevitably, with the development of the digital global communications, the whole nature of safety management and training will change.

What health and safety issues are you most passionate about? 

At Paragon Training, we feel passionate about supplying our customers/clients the ultimate service and advice! We want them to achieve the highest level of skills, competency in the most effective way. In management of health, safety and environment training. 

We are passionate to change the whole attitude in this industry.

How can we entice more young talent to work in the health and safety sector? 

I believe that the whole industry should get more and more involved in organisations which are used young people. We should permeate and influence educational establishments.

Attracting the young talent by demonstrating how good this sector is.

Alan Farnod is managing director at Paragon Training. For more information, visit www.paragon-training.com