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What is proximity detection technology and why is it important?

08 March 2023

TO ENSURE that your workers aren’t getting dangerously close to moving vehicles, equipment, or restricted areas, employers must adopt modern proximity warning systems that can accurately and reliably monitor your workers’ behaviour, and alert them to dangers in real-time.

Reactec has developed a proximity warning system using a combination of cloud-based analytics software and workplace wearable technology. In July 2022, Reactec launched a new generation of smart watch, called R-Link, which forms a fully integrated ecosystem to help employers gain an unprecedented data insight into workplace risks.

R-Link’s proximity detection capability combines decades of Reactec’s experience, in the construction safety and prevention engineering space, with the latest ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to alert the wearer when they are within dangerous proximity to a hazard. Ultra-wideband technology is a communication technology that offers stable, rapid transmission of data across relatively short distances, and this allows duty holders to make sense of interactions between pedestrians and hazards to prevent incidents and near misses before they occur.

R-Link’s proximity detection technology is powered by Reactec’s powerful cloud-based analytics software. The Reactec Analytics track worksite behaviour and provide invaluable information about who, where, and how often of near misses happen, so that teams can take preventative measures based on data driven decisions. These Analytics reports - which are distributed automatically to duty holders - show where hotspots occur on worksites, meaning they’ll have the information needed to improve controls and efficiencies without complexity or delay.

For more about R-Link’s advanced proximity detection technology visit our website or contact a member of the team: https://www.reactec.com/contact-us/