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Circular economy initiative welcomed by construction industry

05 December 2019

Westgate reports that its circular economy initiative has been received positively within the construction industry.

Westgate's Hoardfast sustainability promise is centred around the ethos of relocate, reconfigure, reuse and recycle. The company aims to minimise waste during construction projects and the money that is generated from the sale of the recyclable internal hoarding panels is donated to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

Working extensively within the construction and fit-out sectors, Westgate appreciates the growing need for contractors to find cost effective ways to reduce waste on their projects, and through its sustainability promise – as well as following guidelines on circular economy – it can help Hoardfast customers deliver on those targets.

Hoardfast is a modular screening system used to create temporary internal site rooms, welfare spaces and partitions, and is completely reusable across multiple projects or relocatable during phased project work. At the end of each project, Hoardfast items are removed from site and returned to Westgate, reducing waste for the customer.

Made from PVC, the sustainable panels are manufactured from up to 85% recycled plastic; on reaching the end of their usable life, panels are crushed down and recycled to manufacture new panels and other plastic items. Funds generated from the sale of unusable panels are then donated to the Marine Conservation Society, as well as other UK charities.

Caroline, corporate partnerships manager, MCS, says: "We are delighted that Westgate Group has chosen to support the work of MCS through recycling their end-of-life Hoardfast panels. This is exactly the sort of circular economy initiative which we would like to see more companies adopting, to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated throughout industry." 

With reducing the amount of single use plastic, a big concern for those working in the commercial and industrial sectors, Westgate says it is proud to do its bit to support the work being undertaken by the Marine Conservation Society.

David, marketing manager, Westgate adds: “By providing an internal hoarding system that is completely reusable and recyclable, we aim to support companies looking to reduce the amount of waste on fit out and construction projects and deliver on their targets for sustainability. Creating funds from our recycled panels means that by using Hoardfast, together we can support a charity that works to reduce the impact of plastics on our environment."