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Ergonomics training program powered by AI.

20 May 2019

Available from Soter Analytics, the SoterSpine app is an ergonomics training program powered by AI.

It is able to understand an individual's back injury risks and personalise recommendations. It is also said to be an easy and highly engaging program to implement and is entirely managed by each worker.

SoterSpine's AI health coach delivers a 12-day improvement program, combining real-time feedback via the wearable device with personalised insights via the app. The company says engaged workers learn and embed movement techniques that reduce their risk of injury, resulting in substantial long-term safety and productivity improvements. 

​The wearable device identifies hazardous actions by continuously measuring the risk from movements, frequencies, and forces on the body. It can identify eight types of events including: end-range bending and twisting of the lower back, sustained awkward static postures and high and sudden force movements.

Users are instantaneously notified while doing certain movements by the device vibrating and an audible alarm.

The mobile app, used by the workers to self-manage the program, is simple and engaging. Daily instructions are provided by virtual coach and only 3 to 5 minutes per day of interaction is required.

Personalised insight
The AI uses the data collected during the first days of a worker using the device to understand and prioritise each worker's issues. It then delivers personalised recommendations through the virtual coach in the app.

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