Handle with care

10 December 2018

Logistics or warehouse personnel are exposed to hazards if they don’t follow the right loading and unloading safety procedures. says Joloda International.

For one, if the weight of the cargo is not distributed evenly in a truck, it may compromise the driver’s control of the vehicle. To avoid such risks from happening, follow these four safety measures when loading and unloading goods from a truck.

Be alert

While waiting for a truck to arrive in the loading zone, always be alert of your surroundings. Assess the area for any potholes, unstable platforms or ramps. Take note of these hazardous areas as you unload or load cargo to avoid any accidents from happening.

You can make the loading zone safer by placing signs that indicate a ramp or flooring that has potholes. By doing so, other personnel in the loading zone will be informed before they load or unload cargo from a truck.

Work safely with machines

Loading machines such as automatic ramps or forklifts may sometimes malfunction, which may cause injuries or fatalities in the workplace. Before using a machine in the loading zone, check if it has undergone maintenance. If you notice that the machine has not been used or has not been maintained for a long period, don’t risk using the machine. Instead, find qualified personnel who can perform a maintenance check on the machine before you use it.

Some machines may require qualified personnel to operate. It may be tempting to operate or switch on those machines to speed up the loading or unloading process, however; safety should always be your priority. Instead of risking its use, request for assistance from experienced personnel to operate or activate the machine.

Secure goods properly

Make sure that all cargo is secured before the truck leaves the loading zone. If it is not secure, the cargo may get damaged and you could pay for a hefty fine. To secure your cargo, use straps, load bars or vertical support equipment. By using these equipment, you are assured that your cargo will not get damaged during transit.

Use the proper loading system

Although many warehouses are using automatic loading equipment, there are still warehouses that load or unload items manually. One of the most efficient manual loading systems is a truck skate.

Joloda says: “As a global leader in loading systems, we understand that not all material distribution centres or logistics process flow areas require automatic conveyors. When automatic systems are excessive in these areas, use skate and track system as a cost-effective solution. We have made our mark on the global market for our manual skate and track system.

“Our skate and track system is suitable for loading and unloading pallets, large paper reels, heavy machinery and more. It is 33 per cent faster than conventional truck loading systems as it can move 3.5 tonnes per minute for every operator. It has a fail-safe system that features front and rear safety brakes that immediately stop the loading and unloading process when needed. Use our skate and track system to maximise space in your truck and to guarantee no product damage.”