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HSE regulation changes: Remaining compliant

30 March 2022

ARCO SHARES expert advice following HSE revisions to personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations.

On the 6 of April 2022, the Personal Protective Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 2022 will come into effect, detailing new requirements for both employers and employees. To help understand these changes and advise on its impact for businesses and workers, Arco has compiled a guide to navigate this legislative change. 

The amendment to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992, indicates that employers have the extended responsibility to provide adequate protective equipment to ‘limb b workers’ in addition to their employees. 

  • Limb (a) regards any individual directly employed by the company permanently.

  • Limb (b) encompasses those who are not employees but are contracted to provide a service or those on a more casual work contract.

Both limb (a) and limb (b) workers are responsible for ensuring that they use the PPE supplied to them, in line with the regulations, and that they follow the training they receive. Where necessary, workers must also make sure to return their PPE to appropriate storage and report any losses to their employer.

If a company is found in breach of regulations, HSE inspectors have the authority to caution, withdraw approvals, serve notices and, in severe instances, prosecute those that infringe the law. 

Adam Wilcock, category manager at Arco said, “As experts in safety, ensuring that every worker goes home safely has always been our core purpose, so we support the regulatory change that will see more workers protected with PPE.There are, however, several actions that employers will need to undertake to be fully compliant in line with the update to the regulation.

“Our expert guidance has been created to make adapting to this legislative change as simple as possible so that no one is caught out or left unsafe.”

The in-depth guide detailing expert advice on navigating these legislative changes can be found on Arco’s website at:  www.arco.co.uk/ppe-regulations