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GMB highlights Prime Day concerns

14 October 2020

WORKERS ARE frightened that if they don’t go to work while waiting for test results they won’t get paid, according to GMB.

A fresh coronavirus outbreak at an Amazon warehouse has sparked fears Prime Day could cause a ‘hive of infection.

At least eight workers have tested positive in the past 48 hours at the retail giant’s Coventry facility – with two now seriously ill in hospital.

Amazon are testing workers – but results take at least a week to come back. Meanwhile terrified workers, crammed into facilities, are told they won’t be paid if they don’t come in to work while waiting for test results.

Amazon has not responded to GMB Union’s requests for risk assessments.

Amanda Gearing, senior GMB organiser said, “Workers are frightened that if they don’t come to work they won’t get paid and their family will end up homeless - but if they do go to work they might die.

“Meanwhile managers are cutting corners and ignoring social distancing rules to speed up processes to achieve targets.

“If Amazon doesn’t want to be responsible for the further spread of this deadly virus, it needs to stop flooding facilities with agency workers to maximise profits, enforce social distancing and send anyone home on full pay who may be infected until either the 14 days is over or they test negative. “