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Foamstream helps keep Cornwall clean

21 June 2021

HELPING KEEP streets and open spaces clean in Cornwall are two of Weedingtech’s Foamstream M1200 systems.

Foamstream is a cost-effective and versatile herbicide-free solution for controlling unwanted vegetation and carrying out sanitisation tasks in large green and urban spaces. Its patented low-pressure process combines hot water and biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. The active ingredient is the heat from the hot water which the foam insulates to ensure it is maintained and kills or severely damages unwanted vegetation, including weeds, moss and algae. 

While primarily founded on weed control, Foamstream is also designed for power washing, general sanitisation and chewing gum removal. It is certified organic by the British Soil Association and approved for killing bacteria. As such, it is highly effective for sanitising surfaces and urban cleaning. Optional lances are used in the process, and the eco-friendly system is safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments. 

Use of the Foamstream M1200 system ensures minimum environmental impact on Cornwall’s street and public open space weed control and cleansing. The M1200 combines high performance with low-cost operation and fast treatment speed. Mounted on a pickup, flatbed truck or trailer, it comes with a large water capacity and delivers a high flow rate, making it particularly well suited to treating large open areas in urban and rural environments.

To find out more about how Foamstream works, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o1ROoBfGxY&feature=youtu.be or visit: https://www.weedingtech.com/why-foamstream/