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Critical COSHH compliance simplified

09 July 2024

ECOONLINE HAS launched a new user experience and added functionality for its Sypol COSHH Management solution.

These enhancements offer organisations a more intuitive, streamlined experience managing compliance with the UK's Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates that 13,000 deaths annually in Great Britain are linked to past exposure to hazardous materials at work. COSHH legislation is designed to protect employees from substances hazardous to health. EcoOnline’s Sypol COSHH assessment software helps companies manage hazardous chemicals and substances in the workplace—online, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

“With the launch of our new Sypol user experience and added functionality, EcoOnline is taking COSHH compliance to the next level," said Axel Elvik, SVP, product, at EcoOnline. "The added automation, integrations and data presentations empower businesses to simplify the compliance process, saving time and resources while ensuring employee safety.”

Innovation for COSHH management

The new Sypol capabilities and revamped user experience offer companies:

Simplified, connected workstreams:

  • Employee accountability: The “Read and Understood” feature allows managers to gain confirmation from all employees that they have seen, read and understood COSHH Risk Assessments relating to the substances they are working with and the controls they must adhere to.
  • Pre-defined templates: Removing the time-consuming nature of repetitive Compliance Control Sheet (CCS) answers, managers can implement templates at a company-wide or facility-specific level, with automated template selection for efficiency. CCS templates cover a variety of legislations including the latest 2023 Isocyanate legislation.
  • External data sharing: The Application Programming Interface (API) will allow risk assessment metadata from Sypol to be shared within a customer’s wider technology ecosystem. Encryption and hierarchies prevent any unauthorised access.

Elevated user experiences:

  • Brand new design: The Sypol user experience has been enhanced to align with EcoOnline's suite of safety and sustainability products. EcoOnline’s Prism Design System simplifies and streamlines products, improving productivity by focusing on consistent user experience, task efficiency, visual design, simplicity, user forgiveness, clutter reduction, and effective onboarding.
  • Unifiedlogin experience: Customers can use the same login for Sypol as for all EcoOnline products, ensuring a seamless transition between product areas.

Expertise and automation to ease assessments

COSHH assessments, which can typically take 90 minutes or more, can now be automated in minutes. Sypol offers over 750,000 COSHH assessments with 10,000 new assessments added each month. Emergency assessments are available within 24 working hours.

Combining speed of automation with a wealth of expertise, all Sypol users have access to a team of COSHH safety experts and scientists to support them.

Now available to UK businesses

Tested and proven for more than 20 years, the latest Sypol solution from EcoOnline is now available for UK businesses looking to enhance their COSHH compliance. EcoOnline’s “The Ultimate Guide to COSHH Management” is available for free to those seeking to better understand the legislation, substances involved, duties, and the risk assessment process.

For more information, visit www.ecoonline.com