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Free health and safety software during Covid19

22 April 2020

EcoOnline is providing complimentary (full access) to Safety Manager health and safety software during the Coronavirus crisis


COVID-19 has provided plenty of challenges for EHS professionals and companies with a transition of managing workers remotely, plus having adding safety and risk measures in place for staff currently having to work on site.

A major concern for many bosses is whether their employees are fully equipped to work securely remotely. Lack of safety precautions and other appropriate software could be a significant problem for workers suddenly asked to abandon their office desks and facilities.

Thankfully, software companies like EcoOnline are doing their bit to keep businesses functioning and safe to protect its people. The Birmingham-based tech experts have built a range of free tools - designed to navigate online risks so you can work from home as safely as possible.

How the toolkit will help during COVID-19

EcoOnline wants to assist organisations to work securely within the difficult climate they are currently facing. That's why for a limited time only, it is offering its enhanced online solutions completely free of charge.

The services the software firm is providing include making its safety manager programme available for free for four months to all users.

Some of the additions to safety manager EcoOnline is providing include a Covid-19 preparedness checklist. This piece of kit will specifically help to assess and evaluate a workforce's readiness to deal with the pandemic.

Other aspects of EcoOnline's complimentary toolkit include an infection incident report template and a working safely at home checklist. Both are designed for employees to record any threats to their safety and check health factors such as their ergonomic working conditions.

EcoOnline have also created a range of resources to make it easier for health and safety, and operational staff, to find all relevant information and get useful tips and tricks. Read more here

Why you should protect your business

EcoOnline is closely monitoring the development of the Coronavirus situation and believes its rapidly-changing circumstances require fast adaption. Although remote working may be only a temporary measure, it is still important to develop long-term habits of safety and taking security precautions.

The software company understands that because the country's economic future is uncertain, businesses may be cutting their safety budgets and becoming tighter with expenses. However, that should be no reason to compromise worker safety.

Company CEO Göran Lindö, says: “EcoOnline is here to support you, even during these uncertain times. We are a company who is committed to protecting people and the environment. We believe we owe a duty of care to help during these difficult times”.

Why EcoOnline can take care of your organisation

Founded in 2000, EcoOnline has been in business for almost 20 years. It currently has more than 6,000 customers across the UK and Europe. EcoOnline is dedicated to enhancing workplace safety as easily and efficiently as possible.

All of EcoOnline's products are based on research from previous customer experience and are in line with EU safety standards. The company also has 235 employees across Europe working continuously to ensure product maintenance and satisfaction.

Dominic Embley, EcoOnline representative, said: "We spent time discussing how we could provide both valuable insight and practical support in these unprecedented times

"In these unusual circumstances, it's about helping each other, fellow business leaders and keeping people safe."

Speak to an EcoOnline EHS specialist to learn how you can get full access to the system and utilise all the bespoke COVID-19 templates, visit the EcoOnline website to get started for free.