CFTS benefits

04 September 2022

CFTS chairman Geoff Martin says: “Poorly maintained MHE has the potential to cause serious injury, so when it comes to the Thorough Examination of that equipment, you can’t just take the word of someone who says they know what they’re doing.

“For peace of mind, look out for the distinctive CFTS quality mark on documents and on the trucks themselves. It’s your guarantee that the equipment, and the examiner, are up to scratch.”

Benefits of employing a CFTS-accredited Thorough Examination provider include:

  • Consistency: wherever you are in the country and however many sites you have, each is inspected to the same standard, using the same, extensive checklist.
  • Competence: a CFTS-accredited company must prove their examiners have the practical skills, qualifications and specific training to complete a Thorough Examination.
  • Traceability: complete audit trail for all aspects and all actions for every inspection.
  • Experience: CFTS-accredited examiners must have served 5 years as a service engineer in a relevant sector and successfully completed a course at an approved training centre.
  • In-depth training: every examiner must undergo regular refresher training.
  • Compliance: CFTS-accredited Thorough Examinations align with the latest regulations.
  • Accountability: get the backing of the accrediting body in case of any disputes.
  • Monitored service: the work of examiners is routinely inspected to safeguard standards.
  • Comprehensive: a CFTS Thorough Examination meets all HSE requirements by covering both LOLER and PUWER.
  • Cost-effective: rates are directly comparable with unregulated examiners.
  • Quality mark: CFTS independent assurance of quality.
  • Local: with more than 700 CFTS-accredited depots across the UK.

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