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CFTS supports National Forklift Safety Day

15 June 2021

NATIONAL FORKLIFT Safety Day took place on the 8 June and the materials handling industry was encouraged to get involved, share guidance and take action to make sites safer.

Now in the UK for its third year, National Forklift Safety Day was hosted by the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA), which comprises the industry's leading trade associations: BITA and the FLTA.

This year, National Forklift Safety Day will highlighted the role of Thorough Examinations, and why regular inspections are key to ensuring businesses are using safe equipment.

As the industry’s accrediting body for Thorough Examinations, CFTS has been working closely with UKMHA to develop insightful resources that will be shared as part of the event.

CFTS chairman Geoff Martin explains, “National Forklift Safety Day runs fantastic campaigns every year, and we are proud to support UKMHA in raising awareness about Thorough Examinations.

“There is a lot of confusion about what work equipment owners need to know and do in relation to regular inspections and checks. But by sharing information as widely as possible through this event, we hope to provide clarification and guidance.”

A key message this year is the difference between maintenance or services, and Thorough Examinations.

“There are certain legal requirements with a Thorough Examination,” adds Geoff. “Under LOLER regulations, the lifting equipment must be inspected in detail, and PUWER regulations require that safety-related items, such as brakes are assessed as well. 

“Thorough Examinations can only be carried out by a suitably qualified Competent Person who has been trained to inspect the equipment and is under a legal obligation to report dangerous defects. It is important that owners and users are sure they are receiving the right examinations, as insufficient inspections leave them open to risk of accidents.”    

The National Forklift Safety Day campaign provides a wealth of practical tips and free downloadable materials available via the website: www.nationalforkliftsafetyday.co.uk/2021-thorough-examination/ 

For more information about CFTS Thorough Examinations, or to find your nearest accredited provider, visit: www.thoroughexamination.org or for more information on UKMHA visit: www.ukmha.org.uk