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Social distancing flooring to safeguard health & welfare

15 June 2020

As manufacturers, educators, retailers, offices, the hospitality sector and gyms start taking tentative planning steps to emerge from lockdown, Broanmain Plastics reveals how its flexible interlocking Trudec floor tile system offers a professional looking alternative to stickers and spacers when maintaining social distancing.

According to CIPD research, two in five people have reported feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of the health risks posed by COVID-19 to them and those close to them. This has led to calls for employers to prepare for and protect physical and psychological health. At Broanmain Plastics it has already resulted in a significant number of new enquiries for its Trudec tile system.

Used in indoor areas, including factories, warehousing, corridors, shop floors, changing rooms, garages and even high footfall dining areas, such as work and school canteens, employers can swiftly introduce  directional messages, reinforce two-metre distancing measurements and safety warnings, which can be easily changed as COVID-19 guidelines evolve.

More forgiving than traditional ceramic floor tiles and a versatile, longer lasting alternative to epoxy coatings, floor paints and stickers, the bespoke, REACH-compliant interlocking Trudec floor tile system can be designed to meet the most stringent Health & Safety and wellbeing requirements. Available in multiple colours and textures, leaders and facility managers can clearly mark out one-way walkways and queuing systems. Colour zones can also be used to delineate collaborative workspaces.

Made to order in the UK from hygienic, easy clean polyvinyl chloride (PVC), providing the existing flooring is level, the Trudec tile system can even be laid on top of existing tiles and hard surface areas - even heritage tiles and parquet flooring. The use of interlocking translucent tiles means that as social distancing messages change, the tiles can be lifted, new instructions or directions printed and inserted, and each tile re-laid. If the workforce need to be re-routed, arrows and signage can even be fully rotated, without having to purchase an entirely new floor system. It’s also possible to personalise an entire floor space with branded leadership messages and logos.

The option to introduce icons and symbols also helps to ensure that culturally diverse work and public spaces continue to respect multiculturalism while introducing standard protocols to protect wellbeing.

Broanmain’s managing director Jo Davis comments: “Clearly people need a sign that their employers are invested in their wellbeing. And flooring is one of the first visual things that people see.”

By using it successfully in its own production facility, Broanmain staff have continued to operate productively throughout the entire crisis while maintaining social distancing.

For science, catering, and bathroom areas prone to spills, the PVC tiles are hygienic and easy to disinfect, increasing confidence post-lockdown among anxious work colleagues. Being industrial-quality, the tiles - which until now were typically used in automotive manufacturing plants - are also resistant to staining from oils and industrial chemicals, as well as being flame retardant.”

Sustainable eco-friendly options are available, using reground plastic materials within the PVC mix that doesn’t compromise the robustness or durability of the tiles’ performance. Additionally, when the flooring reaches the end of its lifespan, the tiles are fully recyclable. 

A full fitting service can be arranged. 

For further information, email benbayly@broanmain.co.uk or call 01306 885888, quoting ref: COVID-19 safety