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New device to automate tests of emergency lighting

23 May 2019

Vericon Systems has launched EmeRed, an intelligent device that automates the process of testing emergency lighting to ensure it is working when needed.

The intelligent device, which can be easily retrofitted, re-imagines how new technology can be created to improve safety, ensure compliance, and reduce costs. EmeRed monitors the performance of every light and automatically transmits the results to a dedicated portal that can be accessed online, via the cloud. This gives facilities managers, estate managers and property owners complete visibility of the status of individual lights in a single building, as well as performance trends across an entire portfolio.

EmeRed reports a range of different factors to ensure the lighting is always on the top line, such as battery degradation and energy consumption. It also measures the life outstanding in each battery to ensure they are replaced before an emergency occurs and automatically reports any potential failures or problems.

Bernard Cook, managing director of Vericon Systems, believes the industry has been too slow to adapt to new technology and new thinking: “Testing emergency lighting equipment is an important responsibility, but manual testing is often a time-consuming and therefore costly job,” he explains.

“Using EmeRed’s smart technologies and machine learning to automate emergency lighting testing can save buildings and facilities managers valuable time and money, especially in comparison to manual testing. It guarantees 100% compliance and enables real time information to be viewed or downloaded remotely.”

EmeRed’s small, wireless design makes it extremely quick and easy to install. Once installed, the device takes just a few minutes to configure to ensure life-safety systems are fully compliant. It can also be connected and integrated with other Vericon Systems’ products and solutions that support an entire building ecosystem.