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A perfect fit for Edd China’s Workshop Diaries

07 July 2021

ANSELL ANNOUNCES its latest collaboration with British mechanic and motor specialist, Edd China. Ansell is becoming the official Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Partner for Workshop Diaries - his new YouTube series.

The content of Workshop Diaries covers a broad range of workshop mechanical operations, with Ansell PPE present on screen throughout, as well as featuring in the three tasks typically completed in each episode.

A natural choice for Ansell

As the first major presenter and automotive personality championing the use of PPE in the automotive workshop, Edd China is a natural choice for Ansell. His growing popularity is based on Wheeler Dealers, in addition to appearances on other popular automotive shows, including: Top Gear, Auto Trader, and Scrapheap Challenge.

This new collaboration with Workshop Diaries offers an opportunity to target increased brand recognition for Ansell’s automotive aftermarket protection solutions and follows Ansell’s previous highly successful partnership with Edd in support of MICROFLEX 93-260RP gloves. 

Global glove appeal

Edd’s trademark use of orange gloves, which is a key part of his personal brand character - and the first thing most people associate with him - reinforces with the audience the significance of his choice of Ansell gloves. Starting with a core following in the UK, his expertise has grown to extend across Europe, through the Americas, India and around the world. With thirteen series of Wheeler Dealers over ten years - most recently on the Discovery Channel – Edd China’s strong appeal can be discerned by a global audience exceeding 300 million.

weekly insight into the advantages of the right PPE for the right task

Workshop Diaries’ 50 X 30 minute You Tube episode format focuses on the practical aspects of Edd’s workshop life. The “mechanical virtuoso on the spanners” will be doing a series of tasks on vehicles of all ages, which provides a showcase for the innovative features of Ansell’s market-leading protection solutions. 

Rikard Froberg, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for EMEA & APAC Region at Ansell states, “Our new collaboration on Workshop Diaries will cement the synergy between two complementary brands, each with authority, trust and acknowledged expertise in the global automotive aftermarket. Edd’s personality and reputation for championing PPE makes his programme the perfect fit. The content included is synonymous with Ansell’s product innovation and practical insight and will give us a great opportunity to drive global awareness of Ansell brands for their exceptional protection and contribution to sustainability.” 

As each product is featured, AnsellGUARDIAN Partner - Ansell’s glove selection tool, will be promoted and traffic-linked to “Buy Now” online retailers – including Amazon – ensuring viewers/customers get the right glove for the right automotive task. AnsellGUARDIANPartner will also be included within trade communications, website and product links. It will also feature across Edd China’s social media channels, where his audience on You Tube alone is anticipated to grow to more than two million by 2022.

To see a Workshop Diaries Taster video, please visit: https://youtu.be/ZQJ7IB7OBN4

For more information, visit www.workshopdiaries.com and www.ansell.com