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Another plus for Onsite Support

16 August 2021

ONSITE SUPPORT is pleased to announce its innovative data driven PLUS programme, which has recently been updated to make it more intuitive.

The PLUS programme highlights inefficiencies in the purchasing process and opportunities for improvement. With easy access, companies can obtain transparency from this data enabling them to improve purchasing decisions as well as achieve commercial efficiencies through the meaningful business insights.

Historically PPE and consumable supply within the construction industry was viewed as a niche area and was often overlooked in terms of an area to improve efficiencies. This lead to inefficient ordering processes, excess emissions, unmonitored utilisation and unnecessary usage of plastic in relation to product and packaging material. 

Originally launched in 2019, the programme was updated recently to offer even better value to customers. 

Customers using the programme could see a reduction in indirect costs, such as order processing costs and delivery handling costs, through the optimisation of their order processing, which in turn will help them reduce the company’s carbon footprint. PLUS is a great tool to increase profitability and enhance sustainability credentials. The programme also provides fully auditable data for 3rd party quality assurance purposes. Focusing on such an identifiable part of the supply chain can lead to quick wins in productivity, sustainability and ultimately in reducing costs, setting a path for future efficiencies.

Ben William, service innovation manager at OnSite Support commented, “PLUS is the first programme of its kind in the construction industry. The data it provides can help to reduce many of the concerns surrounding PPE procurement in the current landscape and help companies to improve purchasing decisions. Additionally, it can help to mitigate the likelihood of excessive ordering and reduce the premature disposal of consumables across the sector. In doing so, the PLUS programme can help the construction industry in reducing its associated carbon footprint, as well as cutting down on its high levels of plastic consumption.”

Morrisroe founder and group CEO Brian Morrisroe commented, “We are very interested in understanding where we can improve our procurement performance and drive up efficiencies across our business. So, when OnSite Support explained how PLUS could help us to analyse our purchasing data more easily, we felt it was worth exploring. If we had carried on ordering in the same way as before, with a similar proportion of orders to expenditure, processing costs would have been far higher. We estimate that without consolidating orders and restricting deliveries, additional order processing costs could have run into thousands of pounds."

The PLUS programme is a free, value added, service for existing customers of OnSite Support. Moving forward, companies that partner with OnSite Support can use this new level of data analytics and expertise to gain powerful insights and to make positive changes to current inefficient behaviours.

According to the company, the addition of the PLUS programme is just one of many reasons why construction companies should consider making OnSite Support Ltd their specialist equipment partner. For over four decades, the company has been a trusted supplier to the construction industry, building its name on its unrivalled product offering and levels of customer support. As always, the company is proud to offer the most extensive collection of construction work-gear, including gender-specific products designed especially for women. Additionally, the company is backed by an industry-leading logistics network, which can facilitate next-day delivery on orders placed before 5pm. 

To find out more, please visit www.onsite-support.co.uk/plus.