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HSM webinar to focus on PPE for welding and grinding

05 May 2021

HEALTH AND Safety Matters has partnered with 3M to host a free-to-attend CPD webinar on how to improve worker health through better understanding the hazards and provision of personal protective equipment when welding or grinding.

The webinar takes place on 6 May 2021 at 10:30am and will feature 3M Application Engineers Scott Blakelock and Theo Simon who will share learnings about welding hazards, how to control exposure and get up to speed with all the latest safety solutions available for welders that meet industry demands.

The webinar will also focus on the long-term impact HAVs (hand-arm vibration syndrome) has on your workers, and how the selection of abrasives can help control and mitigate vibration exposure alongside airborne and noise hazards in the workplace.

Welders are exposed to hazards from welding fume, radiation, spatter, sparks and many more. Scott and Theo will explain how PPE and other controls can provide a level of protection that can help mitigate the risks to the welder. As part of the fabrication process welders may also need to use abrasives, for example - to prep the surface prior to welding or clean up areas after welding. These abrasives are used on power tools which by their very nature emit vibration during use.

All attendees will receive a CPD certificate and you can register to attend for FREE at https://tinyurl.com/yj4sbjvd