Intelligent key management

31 May 2018

Traka, the provider of intelligent key and equipment management solutions, will demonstrate how it can help organisations enforce process and fulfil health and safety requirements, while implementing superior management control right from pre-operational safety checks through to loading management.

Fault reporting, integrated alcohol testing and machine start controlled access to fork truck and fleet management, making sure only qualified staff can operate, are just some of the processes available where Traka can help to keep audit control using intelligent key management.

Traka will be available to discuss tailored customer solutions when required to secure a wide variety of equipment, including PDAs and scanners, alongside increasingly used body worn camera technology to present accountability, efficiency and significant cost savings.

Says Steve Bumphrey, Sales Director at Traka: “The implications for not taking ownership of health and safety, both from a human perspective and business case, are increasingly significant. With severe fines that can prove the downfall for any business, and even immediate imprisonment becoming a reality for those caught.

“Our ambition on stand M140 is to prove how simple measures can make a difference.  Whilst we know every business has different health and safety requirements, Traka systems can help control, manage and audit the use of every key or asset in a secure setting.  And with ease of installation, we can ensure visibility and traceability at all times to offer total peace of mind.”

Visitors will be able to see live displays of a range of Traka’s specialist systems, including its popular Touch series, presenting its ability to either operate as standalone systems requiring no network capabilities or networked via Traka’s exclusive Web software.

Traka’s DockSafe and loading management will also be on show as a simple install addition designed as a drive off prevention system, to stop vehicles prematurely leaving Goods Out bays of distribution centres.

Stand M140