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The British Safety Council warns UK Businesses about introducing robots in the workplace

19 April 2018

In a recent report entitled Future Risk, the BSC has highlighted the potential risk that new technology and machinery will have on the UK workforce. The report, published by Robertson Cooper on the 21st of February 2018, urges businesses, trade unions, educators and governments to help make the inevitable introduction of robotics into the workforce as smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Human V Robot

Along with thorough demonstrations of how to correctly and safety operate such equipment and technology, the BSC is also urging businesses to train their existing staff so that they fully understand the potential risk that new technology may have on their current role in the company and how they must adapt and learn new skills in order to work in harmony with such technology. With over ten million jobs expected to be lost in the next twenty years in the UK alone, workers will need to update their knowledge and understanding of new technology and modern techniques.

Risk of Malfunction 

Another hazard highlighted by the report emphasises the dangers of working within close proximity to robots, which includes physical danger. Any piece of equipment or technology can malfunction and this, therefore, poses a risk to anyone working within the same space as robots. Understanding the potential danger is of paramount importance to ensuring employee safety at work.

Mental Health Concerns

The British Safety Council also made reference to the mental health risk to employees, especially with the added pressure of advanced technology taking on manual labour positions in a range of sectors in the UK. A lack of loyalty between employees and business owners and fears around the loss of jobs in industries up and down the country may cause stress and have an impact on mental health.. It is important for UK businesses to be clear and transparent as to job security and their plans to use new technology in the next five to ten years.

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