Mobile workbench

21 March 2018

Armorgard has enhanced its range of high quality, safety driven products with the introduction of XtractaBench, an innovative mobile workbench designed to protect building and construction workers from fumes or dust whilst cutting, grinding, drilling, routing, or working with materials such as plasterboard, wood, and metal.

XtractaBench will be available nationwide through selected tool hire shops and traditional distribution outlets.

Created following extensive R&D, and with the help of external expert, XtractaBench offers a welcome solution to enable companies to fulfil a legal duty to prevent exposure to substances that can cause health problems as per the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) act.

Regularly breathing in dust, caused by cutting or grinding construction materials, can cause life-changing lung diseases which can lead to death.

Terry Mitchell, Managing Director of Armorgard said of the new product launch:  "We are very proud to be at the forefront of providing safety solutions like this which prevent devastating and irreversible effects.

“Anyone that is cutting grinding, drilling, routing, working with plasterboard materials on a work surface, particularly in a confined space, is at risk.”

Featuring unique Armorgard design technology, the XtractaBench draws dust and fumes directly away from the working area thanks to a perforated downdraft work surface.

XtractaBench has a built-in collection hopper to catch heavier particles and dust, and a fold-down external shelf to mount M or H class vacuums for on-tool extraction. It is also compatible with most air and dust filtration systems.