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Built-in SD interface

21 March 2018

The Schmersal Group is extending its range of control panels with the new BDF 200-SD model. This product variant now has a built-in SD interface. The BDF 200-SD is also fitted with an emergency stop function with electronic OSSD outputs and can be fitted with up to three operational command and alarm devices, such as illuminated push-buttons, illuminated alarms, selector switches and key switches.

Using the built-in SD interface, the non-safe diagnostic signals from the command and alarm devices can be transferred via an SD gateway to the controller. In the safety circuit, different electronic safety switchgear devices, such as sensors and interlocks, can easily be connected in series using the BDF 200-SD.
The benefit for users: The devices are simpler, quicker and more cost-effective to install. This also reduces installation errors.

Safety sensors and interlocks fitted with an SD interface can transfer extensive status and diagnostics data from individual devices connected in series via the SD gateway and different fieldbuses to the controller. This could be, for example, status data from the safety equipment or error messages from a device.  This allows individual diagnostics for the safety switchgear devices connected. This means that a user can easily tell which switch in the series has triggered a
signal. This helps resolve problems quicker, enables preventative maintenance and thus increases machine availability.

The BDF 200 product range was developed for installation on conventional aluminium profile systems in machine housings and is easy to install. The range is based on a slimline casing made of impact-resistant plastic. The positioning of the buttons on the control panel can be selected at will. Labelling fields allow the individual marking of functions. This means the machine constructor can show the normal operating functions (EMERGENCY STOP, On / Off, Forward / Back, mode selection, status display, error messages, etc.) on the BDF 200 range.